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RHS statement on pesticides in horticulture / RHS Gardening


RHS Plants for Pollinators our endorsement of the best plants to grow to support pollinators
How to grow hylotelephium / RHS Gardening


However, the widest range of plants is available in late summer in garden centres and they can still be planted at this time as long as you keep the ground moist after planting for the rest of the season...Looking after your plant is especially important following planting, but established plants will also benefit from the following general care
Get Up and Grow - Summer Half Term Trail at RHS Garden Wisley


Our pollinators need you to buzz around our trail to find the letters shown at each plant you find...Why not take some of the pollinating ideas home and grow flowers in lots of shapes and colours for different types of pollinators
How to grow bromeliads / RHS Gardening


Bromeliad flowers don't usually self-pollinate, so if your plants are growing indoors (and not visited by pollinating insects) you will need to hand pollinate them
African violets (streptocarpus) / RHS Gardening


African violets are sold in most garden centres and by many online plant suppliers, including RHS Plants , although the choice may be quite limited...Established plants may also produce suckers, which are new plants that grow on a short stalk from the main plant...To ensure your plants produce seeds, it is best to pollinate the flowers by hand
Epiphyllum (orchid cacti) / RHS Gardening


Plants grown from cuttings may flower the following spring, but seed-raised plants may take four or more years...Two different plants are needed, both flowering at the same time, so pollen can be transferred from one plant to another
Butterflies in your garden / RHS Gardening


They too can be pollinators, and are a vital part of the food chain and garden biodiversity ? only a handful can cause noticable damage to garden plants as larvae...Many of the flowers listed as Plants for Pollinators will attract the more common and mobile species of adult butterfly but most are unsuitable as food plants for the larvae
How to grow heuchera / RHS Gardening


To help support our declining bees, butterflies and other pollinators, fill your garden with our recommended pollinator-friendly plants...Plants in containers dry out quickly, because there is only a limited amount of compost
How to grow foxgloves / RHS Gardening


You can also search by height, flower colour, hardiness, Plants for Pollinators and more, to help narrow down your choices...Autumn planting is not recommended for small young plants, perhaps newly bought as plug plants or recently grown from seed

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