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Highlights of RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2018 / RHS Gardening


Hungry pitcher plants ? deadly to the insects they lure ? starred in the Hungry Plant section, while the Deadly Meadow was packed with some surprising entries, including relatively common garden plants such as Daphne and Euonymous...The Plant Village was the place to go for a tempting and diverse range of choice, colourful plants...The colourful pollinator beds just outside of the dome were packed with plants such as Verbena bonariensis , Rudbeckia , Salvia and Monardas...
Fleece and crop covers / RHS Gardening


Spring: Covered tender plants can be sown or planted out earlier than if uncovered by about two weeks in spring
RHS Garden Hyde Hall blog: The last supper / RHS Gardening


Planting autumn-flowering perennials and shrubs not only gives the pollinators a last supper of the year, but it gives us gardeners a beautiful swan-song of colour to remember and warm our thoughts through the colder months ahead...
How to grow kiwi fruit: RHS advice / RHS Gardening


One male plant can pollinate up to eight female plants nearby...Plants usually start fruiting three or four years after planting
How to grow citrus fruit / RHS Gardening


Repot plants annually in March, or replace the top 5cm (2in) of old potting media with fresh compost...Mature plants may produce unwanted, fast-growing shoots called ?water shoots...Citrus plants that are 1m (3ft) tall should be allowed to carry no more than 20 fruits, so you may need to thin out the fruits, removing any excess
Wildlife Show Garden ? RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2015 / RHS Gardening


The planting was chosen with pollinators and other wildlife in mind, with spring-flowering plants to coincide with the show
Wildlife ponds / RHS Gardening


Native plants provide good habitats but some can take over so check carefully that the plant is right for your size of pond or water feature...Some suppliers offer coir logs or mats pre-planted with native pond plants such as soft rush ( Juncus effusus ), purple loosestrife ( Lythrum salicaria ) and yellow flag iris ( Iris pseudacorus...Establishing plants in a pond with a flat rim and very steep sides is a challenge but it is possible to suspend planting pouches over the lip of a formal pond...
Garden design ideas: choose what style you'd like for your gardens / RHS Gardening


Many plants are attractive to pollinating insects and you can have a wildlife-friendly garden however big or small your outside space is...Materials tend to be natural and timeless such as stone, slate and wood, and plants become just one part of the architecture ? think clipped hedges, specimen trees and simple blocks of planting
Leaf-cutting bees / RHS Gardening


They are fascinating pollinators the sections they take from plants to make nests create interesting patterns and cause no serious harm...Leaf-cutting bees are fascinating pollinators and a valuable part of garden wildlife, the leaf sections taken during the collection of nest material does not usually affect the vigour of plants

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