Agralan mesh crop protectionAgralan

Product Types: Mesh for crop protection, garden fleece, insect traps and plug plant trainer

Agralan products offer home gardeners, commercial growers and retailers protection from garden pests with minimal use of pesticides.

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Agros bird seedAgros

Product Types: Bird food

Agros, a market leader in the manufacturing of wild bird feeds, provide the first ever range of bird feed fully licensed by the RHS.

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Apta pots


Product Types: Garden and indoor pots

Apta is a leading supplier of garden pottery that can offer timeless elegance to any patio, windowsill or garden.

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Assured Products RHS rangeAssured Products

Product Types: Outdoor cleaning and garden maintenance products

Assured Products offers the first ever RHS range of garden cleaning and maintenance products that use natural ingredients where possible.

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Burgon & Ball productsBurgon & Ball

Product Types: Stainless steel garden tools, cutting tools and gardening gifts

Burgon & Ball offers experienced and new gardeners a range of quality tools and gardening gifts enabling them to buy and garden with confidence.

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Choice Shops one year old Hazel

Choice Shops

Product Types: Hedging plants and water irrigation

Choice Shops offer RHS-endorsed bare root hedging as well as a diverse and wide range of irrigation products.

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DJ TurfcareDJ Turfcare

Product Types: Organic lawn care fertilisers

DJ Turfcare’s award-winning range of lawn treatments is ideal for gardeners seeking a beautifully healthy green lawn.

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Gabriel Ash RHS Portico range

Gabriel Ash Ltd

Product Types: Timber greenhouses, cold frames and accessories

No matter your plot size, Gabriel Ash has the perfect timber greenhouse or cold frame to create your ideal growing environment.

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The Garden Trellis Company

The Garden Trellis Company

Product Types: British-made fencing, trellis and gates

Handmade in Britain – The Garden Trellis Company make bespoke quality trellis, fencing and gates endorsed by the RHS to help create your dream garden.

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Genus Performance GardenwearGenus Performance Gardenwear

Product Types: Gardening trousers

Genus is an innovative range of stylish, high-performance clothing specially designed for the keen amateur or professional gardener.

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Harrod Horticultural pergola

Harrod Horticultural

Product Types: Arches, pergolas, plant supports and garden structures

Harrod Horticultural designs a range of RHS endorsed plant supports and garden structures that strike the ideal balance between decoration and functionality.

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Hartley Botanic glasshouseHartley Botanic

Product Types: Greenhouses and glasshouses

Hartley Botanic, an RHS endorsed British aluminium greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer, provides a range of handmade structures for every gardener.

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Jayco Gold Leaf gloves

Jayco (Gold Leaf) Gloves

Product Types: Gardening gloves

Jayco Gold Leaf Gloves offer innovative designs, made from quality leather to provide comfort and durability for every gardener, whatever the season.

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Kelkay stepping stonesKelkay

Product Type: Horticultural grits, gravels, sand and stepping stones

Kelkay offers a versatile range of landscaping products to enhance and improve outdoor spaces.

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Kettler outdoor furnitureKettler

Product Type: Garden furniture

The RHS by Kettler range of high-quality garden furniture is made from luxury wood and handwoven wicker.

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Melcourt products


Product Types: Peat-free compost, growing bag and mulches

Melcourt is a leading UK manufacturer of products designed for those who want to garden successfully without using peat and the only one endorsed by the RHS.

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Mr Fothergill's seedsMr Fothergill’s Seeds

Product Types: Seeds

Mr Fothergill's offers flower and vegetable seed ranges in partnership with the RHS.

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The Original Muck Boot Company ankle muckster

The Original Muck Boot Company

Product Type: Gardening shoes and boots

Muck Boots offers a multi-purpose range of gardening boots to keep feet dry, warm and comfortable in any situation.

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Plankbridge shepherds hutsPlankbridge

Product Type: Shepherd's hut inspired garden buildings

Plankbridge is a leading shepherd’s hut maker who creates living, working and recreation spaces for year-round comfort.

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Plantworks rootgrow


Product Types: Plant health products

Plantworks offers a range of biological products containing rootgrowTM mycorrhizal fungi to promote better plant growth.

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The Poshshed Company potting shedThe Posh Shed Company

Product Types: Sheds and garden storage

The Posh Shed Company handcrafts quality wooden sheds and storage solutions designed to be distinctive, functional and enhance the garden.

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Sitting Spiritually swing

Sitting Spiritually

Product Types: Bespoke wooden swings and benches

Sitting Spiritually offers bespoke handcrafted garden swing seats, pergolas, day beds, benches, rockers and rope swings designed for comfort and longevity.

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Stark & Greensmith laser-cut parterreStark & Greensmith

Product Types: Metal classic garden screens

Stark & Greensmith design and make decorative laser-cut screens of all shapes and sizes that will enhance your garden, however big or small.

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Trimetals storeguardTrimetals

Product Types: Metal garden sheds and stores

Trimetals designs and manufactures a wide range of premium quality metal garden sheds and storage solutions.

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Whichford Pottery Wisley Gardener's Pan

Whichford Pottery

Product Types: Terracotta pots

Whichford Pottery use traditional methods to create frostproof flowerpots for even the most discerning gardeners.

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