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DJ Turfcare’s award-winning range of lawn treatments is ideal for gardeners seeking a beautifully healthy green lawn

DJ Turfcare products

DJ Turfcare specialises in organic lawn-care products, to be used commercially and at home. The RHS-endorsed range includes 6 chemical-free fertilisers – MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Instant, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and Autumn Lawn Treatment.

MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser: A slow releasing fertiliser that is applied at the beginning of the season to rid your lawn of moss. It will feed your grass and improve the soil and is the ideal tonic for your lawn in spring. Pet and child-friendly, it won’t harm plants and shrubs.

MO Bacter Instant: A specialist organic lawn tonic, designed to kill moss within 24-hours – simply use as a spray or with a watering can. The dead moss can then be  raked out, and reseeding can take place straightaway. Pet and child-friendly, it comes in a 2L bottle.

Recovery Organic Fertiliser: A granular fertiliser that helps repair and nourish your lawn. It’s a blend of effective ingredients including Humifirst, which creates  biological activity that stimulates plant growth and delivers a  strengthened, long-lasting green lawn.

Bio Lime Lawn Fertiliser: Designed for lawns with a low pH, this year-round lawn treatment combats acidic soil by sweetening the soil and raising its pH to  encourage healthy strong grass to grow and also contains magnesium to help maintain colour throughout the winter months.

Lawn Boost: An organic-based feed solution for lawns where moss is not a problem. Pet and child-friendly, it is suitable for use throughout spring and  summer, kickstarting the lawn following winter and will encourage healthy growth, characterised by a vibrant colour and strong grass plants.

Autumn Lawn Treatment: An organic-based fertiliser that has been created for use from August to November to destroy moss while also stimulating strong roots and providing grass with 100 days of food to encourage a greener, thicker, stronger and disease-resistant lawn throughout winter and long into spring.

For more information visit the DJ Turfcare website, call 01483 200976 or email the sales team.

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