Hartley Botanic

Hartley Botanic, an RHS-endorsed British aluminium greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer, provides a range of handmade structures for every gardener

Hartley Botanic glasshouse
Hartley Botanic is a historic British business, specialising in luxury, bespoke and handmade aluminium glasshouses and greenhouses. Operating from the same factory in Greenfield, Lancashire since 1938, the company has earned an unrivalled reputation for crafting some of the finest glasshouses and greenhouses money can buy. The business has been selling internationally for more than 20 years, with a strong following in more than 30 countries, including the USA, Germany, Scandinavia, and Australia.

Its product range includes Victorian, Heritage, Modern or bespoke greenhouses each with a 30-year lifetime guarantee.

Founded by brothers Vincent (RHS fellow) and Norman Hartley, the company was one of the first to develop and make entirely aluminium greenhouse structures, marking a huge improvement on its wood and wrought iron Victorian forerunners. Since then, Hartley Botanic has built a name synonymous with excellence, thanks to its incomparable range, its structurally superior greenhouses and its exceptional service.

Hartley Botanic became the only aluminium glasshouse and greenhouse manufacturer to be endorsed by the RHS in February 2017. It is the greenhouse manufacturer of choice for leading horticulture organisations, institutions, architects, designers, and garden enthusiasts in the UK and worldwide.

In 2021, the company were recognised with the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for its work growing sales internationally. Its presence and position in the USA have helped American customers fall for both the businesses’ quintessentially English-looking Victorian and Heritage greenhouses and its contemporary Modern horticulture range.

For more information visit the Hartley Botanic website.

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