Enjoy a variety of stimulating plantings and the sight and gentle sounds of a water feature.

Hospice Garden for Living

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Designed by

Jim Goodwin

Built by

George Thomas Hospice Care Volunteers

Sponsored by

Access to a garden is recognised throughout the Hospice Movement as an important element in the provision of holistic palliative care for those suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. This garden reproduces elements of our garden at Ty George Thomas, and provides areas promoting tranquility, relaxation and beauty for patients and their families at a most difficult time in their lives.

The layout allows the opportunity for private reflection while enjoying a variety of stimulating plantings (including a sensory garden) and the sight and gentle sounds of a water feature. The garden is also used by staff and volunteers, and helps them to alleviate the stresses of the very special work they carry out supporting our patients.

The garden will be constructed by a team of volunteers who usually look after the gardens in the Hospice Centre, Whitchurch.

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