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Moveable Feast

This garden takes on the fight with 'no maintenance gardening' and wins with all year round interest for anyone

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Did you know...

  • It's not just a floral garden, the foliage also has different textures and colours to add seasonal interest
  • Edibles and ornamentals rub shoulders with each other
  • It's very much a garden that you can take home, and inside too – tender plants can be protected from cold weather when wheeled under cover
  • An edible shed lets you have a nibble on its roof while you work
  • Sweet woodruff provides a treat for strawberries - when infused with sugar it imparts a hay-like taste which complements the berries perfectly

About the Garden

With nearly 50 percent of householders aged 25 to 35 renting a property and increasing numbers of landlords paving over gardens to make them 'no maintenance', how do you have a garden if you are ‘Generation Rent’? One solution is a garden that moves with the owner.
Designed for a couple starting out together and living a ‘letting lifestyle’, this garden offers them a space to reconnect to a slower natural rhythm. The modular design is transportable and can easily be reconfigured to change the space or adapt to a new area. Large, yet portable, planters allow for a garden that moves as often as you do.
Natural materials of wood and stone, updated with paint finishes and semi permanent transfer colour, allow for personalisation of the garden area during a tenancy.

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