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The Wordless Cupboard

This garden has a bold structural presence inspired by 'The Stones', a poem by Sylvia Plath


Did you know...

  • The garden's message is that words equal power and without the ability to communicate, people become powerless

About the Garden

A landslide of glacial boulders lean against a 3-metre high twin cube structure. Between the cubes, the narrowest point is bridged by a 3-metre tall acrylic panel. Blank sheets of paper float in the narrow space between the cubes. The angled position of the blocks creates a tension. The blocks could be pushing inwards or equally being pushed apart. Are the floating paper sheets escaping or being crushed by the landslide?
It is easier for an artist to express ideas visually rather than with words. This theme expresses the inability to communicate in words either through natural inability or something imposed or suppressed. Words represent power. The powerless inhabit the wordless cupboard. The work is an expression of the oppression of the powerlessness.

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