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Mind the Gap: Keep Bees on the Move

Long Border

Did you know...

  • Roses can actually be great plants for bees. Single-flowered, repeat blooming varieties such as 'Jacqueline du Pre' can provide nectar and pollen over a long period in the summer
  • 'Deadhead spent flowers on plants like roses and Anthemis to prolong the display for both people and wildlife', says designer Louisa van den Berg

About the garden

The exhibit is about plants that flower in June, when there can be a ‘gap’ in food supplies for bees. Many traditional garden borders favour block or drift plantings for impact, which is also good for bees, providing greater foraging opportunities if the right species are planted. A large central willow sculpture in the shape of a traditional bee ‘skep’ illustrates the theme of the border with larger-than-life willow bees among the plants. Even in a small space, gardeners can play a major role in helping to sustain bees and other beneficial insects by selecting plants that provide vital nourishment to keep them on the move.

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