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The Wedgwood Garden

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To mark Wedgwood’s 260th anniversary, The Wedgwood Garden, designed by horticulturist and RHS Ambassador Jamie Butterworth, has been inspired by the vision of John Wedgwood, the founder of the Royal Horticultural Society, to use the power of horticulture and plants to connect people and unite communities.

With a colour palette referencing Wedgwood’s Jasperware of rich sky blue, lush greens and deep crimson, the garden design is simple and scaled back to bring the planting to the fore. This echoes John Wedgwood’s sentiments when creating his own garden, which he described as ‘not laid out to compel admiration, but instead a homely and loveable space’.

A majestic Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea (copper beech) provides structure with domed specimens bringing the lush copper colour down into the herbaceous planting, which features the white-flowered shrub Cornus kousa var. chinensis, Corylus avellana (hazel), Cynoglossum amabile ‘Firmament’ (Chinese forget-me-not) and Trachymene coerulea (blue lace flower).

Consistent throughout Wedgwood’s 260 years is a proud manufacturing heritage, with innovative designs and superb quality. This has played an essential role in this garden’s design from material choice to colour scheme.

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