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Culinary Delights

Visitors were inspired to grow their own fruit and veg at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show partnered by Wedgwood


Kitchen gardenFood provenance is a term that has been heard in the media for years. It’s something that gardeners who give growing their own a go can feel smug about – you know exactly where your food has come from and what was involved in getting it onto your plate. Whether you were a seasoned grower of produce or wanted to find out more about having a go, you could visit the ‘Edible’ section of the RHS Floral Marquee supported by Cathay Pacific.

Exhibitors in this area include:

Hooksgreen Herb stand at tatton Park 2016Hookgreen Herbs

Hooksgreen Herbs is a family business run by Malcolm and Thomas Dickson and was established in 2004. They show and grow herbs for sale to the public at all the major shows. Hooksgreen Herbs is the first RHS Master Grower, having been nominated and promoted at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2016. Their contemporary display of herbs in an urban and metropolitan setting, incorporated planted boxes of herbs taken from the extensive range of herbs available from the nursery.


Beech Tree Farm Plants

This is a small, family-run plant nursery specialising in topiary, box, herbs and lavender.

Tom Smith Plants

Tom Smith Plants specialises in high-quality soft fruit bushes and trees, including citrus. The founder has been a passionate grower of both fruit and vegetables, since he was a child growing vegetables with his father in Ruthin, North Wales.

Pennard Plants at Tatton Park 2013Pennard Plants

Pennard Plants was founded in 2001 by Mike Milligan and Chris Smith in a walled garden in Somerset. They now grow one of the widest ranges of edible plants available in the UK and also have more than 700 Heritage and Heirloom seeds.


Display by W Robinson & SonW Robinson & Son (Seeds and Plants) Ltd

This family business has been run for more than 150 years on the same site and is run by the fourth and fifth generation of the same family. W Robinson & Son launched a new variety of climbing courgette at the show. Golden yellow in colour, it is called ‘Shooting Star’.


The Culinary Herb Company

This was the first show where The Culinary Herb Company got the chance to exhibit inside an RHS floral marquee. There were herbs grown to full size, including a huge flowering angelica plant dominating the exhibit. Various colours from purple sage to golden marjoram twisted and wound their way through the exhibit, focusing on colour and taste. Then there was the curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii), which they have been growing over the past two years as a result of a new propagation technique.

Artist's impression of the Great ConservatoryGreat Conservatory

In the Great Conservatory you could learn all about the story of the Cavendish banana, which was named after the 6th Duke of Devonshire by celebrated head gardener of the time Joseph Paxton. Supported by Fyffes, you could discover what an important commercial crop the banana is today and the threat the industry faces from Panama disease.


Rhubarb Farm 1940's/Hard Times Garden

Designed by Chris Smith of Pennard Plants, this Show feature was constructed by Rhubarb Farm, an agriculture-based social enterprise, offering a service to the unemployed, recovering drug and alcohol misusers, ex-offenders and people with learning disabilities. The idea was to show a 1940s garden and a modern-day equivalent in the 'Hard Times' garden – both gardens resulting from the need to grow one’s own food in times of difficulty.
The 1940s side was based upon a traditional allotment with homemade greenhouse and essential shed, with vegetables placed in straight rows, whereas the hard times garden demonstrated the growing of food and flowers (edible) within tiny spaces and in difficult situations on a budget.




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