RHS Chelsea Flower Show

19 – 23 May 2015

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Royal Bank of Canada Garden

Designed by

Matthew Wilson

Built by

Clifton Nurseries Ltd

Sponsored by

The Royal Bank of Canada Garden starts from a very simple truism. Our planet needs water, and water equals life. The garden is divided into three main parts: a zero irrigation ‘dry garden’, a central water harvesting/storage zone and an edible garden with a raised seating/dining platform.

The garden celebrates the curve as a thing of beauty: voluptuous, sensual and cosseting. It is a space designed to be easy to live with, one that can be a little ragged around the edges without detracting from its beauty, and a garden that provides edible plants alongside ornamental plants in a fun way that is easy to manage.

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  • Hear more from Matthew Wilson on the inspiration behind his garden design, and find out more about the RBC Blue Water ProjectTM in the videos below

Matthew Wilson talks about the RBC Garden


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