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Inspired by the legend of Blodeuwedd, who was a woman created from flowers to be the wife of the hero Lleu, this woodland and water garden incorporates elements of the couple’s fateful story.
According to the myth, while her husband was away, Blodeuwedd fell in love with a neighbour and together they hatched a plan to kill Lleu. Protected by his mother, Lleu’s life could only be taken by improbable circumstances while he took a bath under a thatched roof by a river. Receiving a well-aimed spear, Lleu thwarted death and turned into an eagle, and with the help of magic was turned back to human form. As punishment, he turned Blodeuwedd into a tawny owl and banished her to a solitary life in the woods.
Different elements of the story are represented in the garden. A thatched canopy above a bath marks the scene of the attempted murder. Since Lleu did not die, blossom and wild flowers bloom along the banks of the river and the sculpture of an owl looks on.

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