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  • The chaos of wild nature and industrial decay stands in sharp relief to the controlled precision of the Japanese style of gardening.
  • Cryptomeria – the Japanese cedar – forms the backbone to this garden. Although it’s an evergreen conifer, its soft, needle-like leaves change colour according to the season.

About the Garden

The garden is a twofold representation of ‘nature’ as presented in traditional Japanese horticulture. Pristine beauty and order are represented by bonsai, spring flowers and intricate stone patterns that surround Niwaki. The polar opposite is also present in a representation of Japan's industrial past. A corrugated iron backdrop, charred timber and a bridge of rusted steel re-bar, yet a purposive piece of art connect each aspect. 

Uncultivated nettles and wild pond plants represent nature’s resilience from a previous harsh environment of manufacture. The two dimensions are also integrated by a water curtain forming a meandering stream. The diverse elements of movement and stillness, and the dichotomy of nature tell the story of this garden. 

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