Evergreenwales: Cwm Caerdydd

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Did you know...

  • An atmospheric evocation of the landscapes of South Wales, this garden features local materials such as sandstone boulders and ‘concrete canvas’ which has been used to make the tablecloth and seating areas inside the cave. Manufactured in Pontypridd, it’s used worldwide for temporary shelters.
  • It’s not just water dripping from the roof above the entrance to the cave. Clematis ‘Avalanche’ and a variety of common ivy called ‘Dragon’s Claw’ cascade down too.
  • Cwm Caerdydd is a space to relax with the family. It has been designed to replicate, in miniature, the surrounding South Wales terrain of protective hills encircling valleys, and focuses on how the visitor feels while in the garden and not just what he or she sees, smells, touches and hears.

About the Garden

Within the garden is a ‘cwm’ seating area, cave hideaway, waterfall, rocky outcrop, an area of woodland and rolling grassland. The planting scheme incorporates wild planting as well as everyday varieties and the whole represents a slice of the natural environment. 

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