Sunday in the theatre

Visitors went to the Talks Theatre and saw flower arranging advice from Jonathan Moseley

Jonathan Moseley at the Floristry BenchFloristry favourite Jonathan Moseley joined us for the weekend at the RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2019. He was at the show sharing his passion for both British-grown flowers and springtime blooms in the Talks Theatre.

“I explained how to use spring flowers in floral bouquets and the different combinations to try at home,” said Jonathan.

“In the spring, I love to use lots of hyacinths. They have the most gorgeous fragrance, it’s just unsurpassable. I also like to use lots of tulips alongside narcissus. At Cardiff, I showcased different types of narcissus to encourage people to experiment.”

Along with his enthusiasm for different daffs, Jonathan is a passionate advocate of home-grown flowers and spent time at Cardiff explaining why visitors should buy British.

British flowers are typically better, fresher with a really rich fragrance. I just love them,” he said. “I spoke about British flowers and their growers, giving a little bit of back story to some of our flower farms.

“I spoke about how to grow your own flowers at home. I think a lot of people think they don’t have the space, but I explained how to grow flowers in tubs – alongside other plants – that can create beautiful floral arrangements.”

Designing a bouquet

Field of tulipsOnce you’ve grown – or bought – your beautiful blooms, it’s time to put them together. But where to start? Jonathan shared his three top tips:

  • Avoid heat: “During the spring time, it’s still quite cold so we might still have the heating on inside. Keep your flowers away from any heat source – so move them away from the radiator. Heat will shorten the life cycle of the flower.”

  • Cut the stems:Cut the stem at a 45-degree angle. This is going to help the plant drink up the water and keep flowers looking fresh.”

  • Add foliage: “You’ll be amazed what you can forage from the garden or hedgerows that’ll look really effective with your spring flowers and give more structure. For example, beech twigs where the buds are just starting to break can look gorgeous.”

Also at the show in 2019... 

Cbeebies star Rebecca Keatley appeared at the show as our Sunday host and lead the charge on a variety of family-friendly talks. She was keen to inspire youngsters to become more interested in the great outdoors.

“I always used to play outside as a child, but even if you live in a city or town you can find outside spaces for children to play in and enjoy,” explains Rebecca. “There's also lots of fun to be had with growing seeds and plants indoors.
“If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space, creating a vegetable patch with children is always fun, as is watching a sunflower grow from a seed.”

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