Bugs took centre stage at Tatton Park

Discover the creatures that creeped and fluttered through the 2019 show

Ladybirds on a branch
You might not always see eye to eye with the creepy crawlies enjoying your garden, but at the 2019 Flower Show Tatton Park, we revealed how to live in harmony with them. 

We had a range of features at the show – from our Bug Hub to our live hive from the Cheshire Beekeepers Association – to help visitors learn all about the fascinating world of bugs and the benefits they bring to outdoor spaces. 

The Bug Hub

Man peers through microscopeOur Bug Hub dome gave visitors a closer look at the lives of insects, both great and small. They could peer under a microscope and see the intricate details of these fascinating creatures, contribute to research by taking part in the Slug Survey and find out how to manage aphids in our exciting feature, Attack of the Aphids.

Plus, Pennard Plants joined us in the Bug Hub to create a vegetable garden, showing visitors how to grow tasty produce while living in harmony with the wildlife in the garden


The Bug Hub Theatre

Mr Plant GeekNext door to the Bug Hub was the aptly named Bug Hub Theatre. This theatre, hosted by Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) featured a series of talks throughout the show. 

Visitors could sit back and listen to a range of topics from our resident experts – with advice covering everything from butterflies and wildlife gardening to the secret language of bees. 

Meet the megabeasts

Butterfly pupaeGreen Fields was home to the team from Bugsnstuff who will be offered a chance to meet some of nature’s biggest and most exotic bugs.

Guests could even have a go at handling some of the critters, all under the watchful eye of the Bugsnstuff team. 

Buzzing about bees

Learn all about beesOur Buzzing About Bees feature offered the opportunity to find out more about the humble bumble and co. 

Visitors were greeted by Brian, our huge willow sculpture in the shape of a bee, and learned all about the life of a bee from the Cheshire Beekeepers Association who brought a live hive to the show. There was also a team of experts on hand to answer all bee-related queries. 

Find the caterpillar 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar family trailThe Very Hungry Caterpillar creeped and crawled his way through the RHS Shows in 2019 and made a final stop at Tatton Park.

Visitors followed his trail around the show, spotting the half-munched fruit he'd left behind, and seeing who could be the first to spot the most mischievous caterpillar in town. 

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