Get the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park look

Create your own summer-inspired bouquet at home with the plants used in the artwork for the 2019 show at Tatton Park

The artwork for RHS Flower Show Tatton 2019
There’s nothing better than diving into an ice cream on a hot summer’s day, so it seemed only fitting to have flowers bursting out of a cone for the artwork for our fabulous summer show, the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

Filled with striking purple blooms, this beautiful display is easy to recreate at home and can make for a wonderful summer-inspired bouquet.

Channel your inner florist and recreate a little piece of Tatton Park with the flowers listed below, all included in the show’s official artwork.

The plants included in the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park artworkMake a Tatton Park show bouquet 


The showy globes of allium flower heads are always crowd pleasers, with their blooms in a range of shades of blue, purple, white and yellow.

Once the plants begin to die back, you can dry the flower heads and create an interesting indoor display, which will last well into autumn and winter.


These hardy border plants are popular among gardeners, requiring little care and attention but often flowering over a long period. Choose from shades of violet and blue for a Tatton Park inspired bouquet, or opt for pinks, magenta and whites - there are plenty of colours to pick from.

These hardy perennials come up year after year, so are really useful performers in the garden, with some starting to flower as early as late spring. 


Showy spires of blooms available in deep azures and rich purples, delphinium are the perfect accompaniment to this show-inspired bouquet.  

Delphinium surge to impressive heights of more than 1m, so while these plants are beautiful, they usually require staking to look their best. Support them with canes and provide plenty of nutrients to help them reach their full potential.


These fragrant flowers, which flower from late spring to summer, have abundant blooms that give your summer bouquet a beautiful aroma.

In the garden, they grow best in a sunny, sheltered spot, making them an ideal plant for adding a splash of white, lilac or purple to borders and beds.


Hydrangeas are popular shrubs, brightening up spaces with their large multi-flowered heads. They flourish in warm, moist soil and depending on the type, can flower from summer right through into autumn, so you’re guaranteed beautiful blooms bursting with colour for months at a time.


With their tooth-like leaves and upright spikes of flower, Veronica can add variety and texture to any summer bouquet.

Useful in the border as they thrive in full sun or partial shade, their fresh green foliage makes a good foil their lilac to purple blooms.

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