The World Vision Garden

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Designed by

John Warland

Built by

Indoor Garden Design

Sponsored by

Inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Ethiopian famine, The World Vision Garden offers a retrospective on the successful development of the Antsokia Valley over the past three decades.  It is the last in a trilogy of gardens that have been developed across three RHS flower shows this year.

The wooden aid crates first seen at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show have now evolved into shipping crates bursting with abundant produce that is being exported from the once-barren dustbowl of the Antsokia Valley.  The pallets form a sculptural representation of the valley, with ridge and furrow fields full of nutritious vegetables.  Water channels punctuate the fields as sources of irrigation and fertiliser.

The Antsokia Valley is now an inspirational area that exports its produce, horticultural ideas and processes across Ethiopia and beyond.  Finally, the fear of famine has now been replaced with protection and hope for future generations of children.

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