RHS Hampton Court Palace Preview Evening

3 July 2017

Sabo: The Circle Of Life

  • Silver Gilt Silver Gilt

Designed by

Stefano Passerotti

Built by

Big Fish Landscapes Ltd

Sponsored by

The circle of life is represented within this garden’s design. The flowing water and dynamic shape of the circle are synonymous with the passing of time. The elevated path offers another platform to view the garden and alters the perspective for the viewer. This garden, sponsored by Sabo Oil, Gruppo Dei, KE Idroflora and Vivai Vannucci, offers a multi-sensory experience: in the circle’s centre is a contemplative space from which the sights, sounds and perfume of flowers can be enjoyed. The cork oak, Quercus suber, is planted at the garden’s heart. Surrounding it, are Lobelia, Knautia, Salvia, Angelica and Eremurus in a colour scheme of white and red: white for purity, and red for energy and passion. Together they maintain the biodiversity of the garden. This is a sustainable garden containing hardy plants that are resistant to parasites and require minimal watering.

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