RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

4 - 9 Jul 2017

The SMART Vision Garden: Having the Vision to See Beyond Mental Illness

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Designed by

Steve Smith, Vision Gardens

Built by

Imperial Landscapes

Sponsored by

Charity SMART supports people affected by mental health issues with a simple yet effective philosophy of keeping people well rather than focusing on their diagnosis. In this design, the garden acts as a metaphor for some mainstream attitudes towards mental illness with its external dark façade, wrapped in hazard tape. The reflective interior symbolises breaking down the boundaries of limited thinking and illustrates what can be achieved when one ‘thinks outside the box’. A concentric circle design of raked gravel represents a pebble being dropped into water and symbolises the radiating benefit that can be
achieved when a good idea is put into action. The planting palette is made up of plants that existed millions of years ago and still survive today, to show the ability of nature to flourish in the face of adversity given the opportunity. By breaking down our fears, presumptions and prejudices we can, like SMART, have the vision to see beyond mental illness.

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