Butterfly Dome

Show-goers took part in the thrill of walking among free-flying butterflies in our Butterfly Dome

Butterfly dome

A tropical paradise experience

Show visitors could step into a lush paradise garden simply by walking into the Butterfly Dome, filled with exotic butterflies from South America and Indonesia. Wandering among the brightly coloured creatures as they fly around - it was a brilliant photo opportunity.

Blue morpho butterflyClose-up of butterfly sippingGreen-banded Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio palinurus)

Surrounding the structure was a meadow full of native flowers, designed to attract British butterflies and other insects, while specially selected planting also attracted pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Dome interior with feeding butterflies

The dome was filled with lush tropical planting – the butterfly feeding stations were placed among the plants – it didn't feel like Surrey at all.

Feeding butterflies

The butterflies gathered at the feeding stations, attracted by the sweet, juicy fruit. This was the ideal spot to try to get a close-up photo of them while they were still.

Art in nature – the stunning patterns on some of the butterlies looked as if they have been painted on.

Butterfly on bright pink flower

This butterfly may not be as bright as the plant it has landed on, but its intricate wing markings still stand out.


Getting up close and personal with one of the Butterfly Dome residents.

Black and white butterfly

Who needs colours to make a statement? This black and white butterfly, with its contrasting markings, says it all.

Butterfly on orange yellow bromeliads

These bromeliads provide the perfect resting spot.

Pupae drawing

There was something for the kids too and children were able to enjoy the pupariums, where they could watch the butterflies emerge for the first time.

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