Get the RHS Hampton Court Palace look

Create the perfect summer bouquet using plants that feature in our artwork for the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2019

The artwork for RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival
Flowers fit for royalty – we’ve brought RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival to life in our artwork for the show, with a collection of summer flowers bursting out of a crown.

If you’re just as in love with this display as we are, you might be interested to know how to recreate the look at home. Here, we’ve rounded up the plants used in the display to help you bring a little bit of Hampton Court Palace to your own bouquet.

Flowers used in the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival artworkHow to make a Hampton Court Palace show bouquet

Pink roses

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is famed for its Festival of Roses, so it’s only fitting that roses feature in our 2019 artwork.

Roses burst into bloom in the summer months, with many providing a sweet-smelling aroma. Including roses in your bouquet will ensure a pretty flourish of colour and fill the room with a summery scent.

Sweet Williams

The small pretty flowers of the sweet williams (Dianthus barbatus) come in a variety of colours from white to the darkest red – we’ve chosen a deep red here.

Sweet Williams are short-lived perennials that look fabulous in flower beds and brighten up borders with their deep green leaves and many-flowered heads.


The fronds of Astilbe bring a delicate touch to the Hampton Court Palace display, with its tiny pink heads wafting delicately out of the crown.

While Astilbe’s attractive flowers are most commonly enjoyed during the summer months, spent brown flower-heads also remain attractive in autumn.


Nothing says summer quite like a dahlia. These cheerful bright blooms can bring life to the dullest of borders and add a splash of colour to any room as a cut flower.

Another added bonus of this plant is that they often flower until the first frost, so you’ll be able to enjoy them long after RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival has come to a close.


For a final touch to your Hampton Court Palace themed bouquet, add the small star-shaped flowers of Gaura. These delicate plants are quite at home in a border and you can expect to see flowers throughout summer and into autumn.

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