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Discover more about the exciting opportunities that await the holder of our floral accolade

a flower wreath by Electric Daisy

Each year, we select a talented florist to represent the floral industry at our London Shows by creating visually immersive arrangements and installations to delight our visitors.

The RHS London Floral Artist in Residence (previously the RHS London In-House Florist) runs from 1 January to 31 December each year and is an accolade used to champion floral artistry. The artist's brief is to create original and beautiful floral installations at three RHS London Shows throughout the year, showing innovation and creativity.

The 2017 RHS London Floral Artist in Residence was Fiona Haser Bizony, founder of Electric Daisy Flower Farm, who creates stunning floral displays with flowers grown on her own farm near Bath.

Fiona Haser Bizony, founder of Electric Daisy Flower Farm

Fiona started growing flowers in her garden about 20 years ago, and got serious about farming them in 2015. Re-training with an RHS Level 2 in Practical Horticulture gave her the confidence to take on a plot on a neighbour’s farm and start growing in an organised way.

Electric Daisy Flower Farm works with different flowers all through the year as they don’t use plants out of season - and with such a huge range of different flowers available, there is always something perfect to raise the profile of British, seasonal flowers.

We caught up with Fiona at the London Harvest Festival Show to discover what the accolade meant to her and how she goes about designing her arrangements.

"It’s been an honour which I’ve loved." said Fiona,

"It's a brilliant experience to have an exciting, blank canvas. It was challenging, and challenges are always good."

Fiona enjoyed the creativity, the chance to work on a bigger scale, and the chance to suggest new ideas, such as the floral mandalas which she created to intrigue people and lead them to the show.

Floral Mandala designed by Fiona Haser Bizony

As part of her role, Fiona was also featured as a guest editor for RHS Instagram, which attracted many new followers and helped her to reach a new audience, and to generate busines leads.

She enthused that the opportunity to be the Floral Artist in Residence encourages you to think differently.

"You can’t do the same small things you’d do in a studio. It pushes you and gives you confidence to go on and do other, bigger things you might not have done otherwise."

Floral heart sculpture by Fiona Haser BizonySpring flower display by Fiona Haser BizonyFloral wave by Fiona Haser Bizony

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