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RHS Orchid Show & Plant Fair

Our celebration of exotic orchids and vibrant blooms took place on 6 – 7 April 2018, with an amazing array of seasonal displays and specialist plants on offer from UK and international exhibitors

Pleione 'Tongariro' - Orchid Society of Great Britain
Muscari 'Touch of Snow'Crowds at the London Orchid Show and Plant FairEcheveria secunda var. glauca 'Compton Carousel’

Show dates

5 April 2018 (Late)

6 April 2018

7 April 2018

RHS Lindley Hall, SW1P 2QW and RHS Lawrence Hall SW1P 2QD

A grand entrance

Orchids might not be famed for their scent - but that is exactly what hit you when you first entered the RHS Lindley Hall. Filled with orchids from across the globe, this show had everything needed to start a new passion for growing these colourful and exotic houseplants… and in the garden too thanks to a selection of hardy orchids displayed by Laneside Hardy Orchids.

AGM orchid displayCyrtopodium palmifrons

Easy to grow Phalaenopsis - all with an RHS Award of Garden Merit - were displayed by Double H Nurseries, while the stand from Burnham Nurseries, took in everything from the tiny yellow flowered (and curry-scented) Maxillaria variabilis, to the big, blousy pink and purple Vanda orchids. An impressive bowl of Pleione ‘Tongario’ (pictured above) displayed by the Orchid Society of Great Britain took the award for Best Hybrid Orchid and the Best Specimen Orchid was awarded to Akerne Orchids from Belgium for its palm-like Cyrtopodium palmifrons. A most unusual display was created by Orchid Botanics, Bristol, with epiphytic plants from Costa Rica planted in mossy logs suspended from wireframes to give an idea of how they naturally grow in tree branches at 1,400-1,800m altitude in the montane cloud forest. A mention must go too to Helen Millner’s educational display, which was awarded Best Orchid Exhibit, showing how orchids have adapted to entice flies as pollinators.

See who won what in the Floral awards (31kB pdf)

Show-goers enjoyed a programme of free talks dedicated to these alluring plants from expert speakers, including Helen Milner, RHS Gold-medal exhibitor, and John Dunn, author of Orchid Summer. The Orchid Society of Great Britain and the British Orchid Council hosted a special presentation in the Lawrence Hall Conference Centre: ‘How to grow and flower Phalaenopsis orchids - from modern nursery to success at home’, by Mark Riley, quality manager at Double H Nurseries.
Visitors could also learn the secrets of orchid-growing success with live potting demonstrations and expert advice from incredibly knowledgeable growers. Plus there was an Orchid Painting Masterclass with tuition from the Chelsea School of Botanical Art.

Around the show

Narcissus 'Angel's Whisper'As if that wasn’t enough we teamed up with RHS Chatsworth Flower Show to bring you a sneak peek of the Orchid Pollinators Virtual Reality Experience. This exhibit will feature at Chatsworth in the ‘Great Conservatory’ as part of a stunning floral installation celebrating the incredible world of orchids, designed by floral designer Jonathan Moseley.

Over in the RHS Lawrence Hall, spring was well and truly being celebrated with bright colours and plenty of horticultural interest. The tempting display from HW Hyde & Son, included plants of the multi-headed and highly scented Narcissus ‘Angel’s Whisper’ bred in New Zealand while several other exhibitors continued the heavenly theme selling plants of the drought-tolerant and unusual silver, thick-leaved Senecio Angel’s Wings (‘Senaw’). The minimalist but skilful display of Tillandsia (air plants) was a credit to Weird Plants by Gill.

In the centre of the hall, RHS Committee member and designer James Alexander-Sinclair created a woodland garden with a difference. A take on the Radio 2 Sound Garden from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017, the dried leaves of its woodland floor rustled to noise vibrations while water in metal troughs moved in ripples in time with the sound.

Take a tour

The RHS Lindley Library hosted daily afternoon tours of its latest exhibition Handle with Care: Preserving our Gardening Heritage on both days.

Find Orchid Show visitor information (409kB pdf)

Lockyers Nursery displayTillandsia display

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