2019 – The Phytosanctuary Garden

Young Designer 2020
The Phytosanctuary Garden was designed to reveal the threat of the disease Xylella. At first glance the garden appears to be a beautiful, attainable space. On closer inspection the garden featured a number of at-risk plants including a feature multi-stem olive tree and swathes of lavender planting. The design aimed to highlight the risk fof pests and diseases such as Xylella and the threat posed to our gardens and landscapes.

Planting of "at-risk" garden favourites such as lavender and rosemary highlighted the impact the disease could have if these plants were to vanish. The garden also includes many plants that are not currently considered to be "at risk". However, due to the nature of the disease, there are potentially many more species that could be effected by the bacteria, yet to be discovered.

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