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At Hiding in the City Flowers we're known for creating huge instagramable installations which focus on drama and colour. They can be beautiful and daring, and are all made with glorious blooms and foliage

Flowers make an occasion unforgettable. The larger the installation, the heavier the elements become so the more support it will require. At Hiding in the City Flowers we've made a conscious commitment to create floral arrangements with minimal use of floral foam. It's a hot topic in the industry at the moment due to environmental concerns. Watch how we create a lavish and contemporary arrangement.

Top tip

Not using floral foam takes more planning and more time, but for a business it’s more cost efficient not to buy it and pay for its disposal. There are plenty of reasons why we choose not to use floral foam. A wider search on the internet will help inform your choices.

Making a floral arch

Our video demonstrates how to create a simple arch. You can use the same principles to scale up the installation.

You'll need:

Arch structure
Tall buckets of different sizes, each with two holes drilled through the top of one side
Cable ties
Chicken wire formed into loose balls
Hardy foliage and plants
Floral test tubes – these are plastic and reusable

1 The installation has a supporting structure to which the tall buckets are attached. We used three silver birch branches that were fairly straight and fastened them together in a square arch. The two vertical branches are secured into a base that's very sturdy and will support the weight of the resting branch, as well as multiple buckets filled with water and foliage without toppling over. Our larger installations have frames constructed from lighting trusses.

2 Attach the buckets to the frame using cable ties. Position them close enough together so that the flowers and foliage of the bucket below hides the bucket above. Use different sized vessels depending on how delicate or dense the flowers are.

3 Fill any gaps with plants. Push chicken wire balls into these gaps and use them as a structure through which to arrange dried flowers or filled floral test tubes.

4 Use moss to cover any stubborn elements that just won’t hide!

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