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    • Digitalis fontanesii

      D. fontanesii is a usually perennial, evergreen foxglove, to 75cm, with spikes of creamy-yellow bells with dark veining in the throat, in summer

    • Digitalis 'Martina'

      'Martina' is a biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial, up to 1.2m high, with silvery green leaves and branching stems of sterile pink flowers, spotted inside with maroon outlined in white, over a long period from early summer to early autumn; many foxglove species are a reliably good source of nectar for bumblebees, especially long-tongued bumblebees, and some but not all garden cultivars may also be good bumblebee plants

    • Digitalis 'Lemoncello'

      'Lemoncello' is a robust, rosette-forming hairy biennial or short-lived perennial 75-90cm tall with narrowly oval, greyish-green woolly leaves. Spires of soft to bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are produced over a long period in summer

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  • RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018 / RHS Gardening

    Digitalis Gargantua...Digitalis Gargantua

  • Find out what's hot with Graham Rice's new plants blog / RHS Gardening

    Digitalis 'Illumination - a new hybrid foxglove (click to enlarge...Digitalis ?Illumination? combines the familiar purple colouring of our native foxglove with the rich orange colouring of Isoplexis canariensis, from the Canary Isles...The flower shape of Digitalis ?Illumination? retains the nice distinct look of Isoplexis, and because the hybrid is entirely sterile it keeps on flowering and sending new flower spikes all summer long

  • See Walker's Wharf Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 / RHS Gardening

    Growing below a disused crane arm, conifers and Alchemilla provide a verdant foil for silver-leaved, white flowered Digitalis purpurea subsp. heywoodii

  • Find out what's hot with Graham Rice's new plants blog / RHS Gardening

    Digitalis ?Illumination Chelsea Gold?: Follow-up to Plant Of The Year Winner...Digitalis 'Illumination Chelsea Gold': New hybrid foxglove (click to enlarge...You can order plants of Digitalis ?Illumination Chelsea Gold? from Thompson & Morgan...

  • Find out what's hot with Graham Rice's new plants blog / RHS Gardening

    Digitalis ?Illumination Raspberry?: Latest in the popular series (click to enlarge...Digitalis ?Illumination Raspberry?: Latest in the popular series Image © Thompson & Morgan...Digitalis ?Illumination Raspberry? will be available in a collection with ?Illumination Pink?, on Richard Jackson?s Garden on QVC TV, on Saturday 26 April at 9am

  • RHS new plants blog: Foxgloves with flower power / RHS Gardening

    You can order seed of Digitalis ?Lucas? and Digitalis ?Martina? from Owl?s Acre Seeds...Plants of Digitalis ?Lucas? are available from Hayloft Plants...

  • Read our blog: border spires of rusty foxgloves / RHS Gardening

    Although I?d never heard of it until I came to RHS Garden Harlow Carr , once discovered, Digitalis ferruginea instantly became the best foxglove I?d ever seen ? and I can?t imagine that will ever change...Digitalis ferruginea with crocosmia...Like all foxgloves, Digitalis ferruginea will seed freely and has a tendency to pop up where it likes

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