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    • Euphorbia ceratocarpa

      E. ceratocarpa is a tall, upright, evergreen, sub-shrub to about 170cm in height and spread with slightly bluish foliage. The main flowering period is mid-summer to mid-autumn, but it can produce its yellow-green flowers more or less year round in mild conditions

    • Euphorbia nicaeensis

      E. nicaeensis a bushy, evergreen perennial with leathery, blue-grey leaves, 7cm long, on reddish upright or sprawling stems. From late spring to midsummer it produces yellow-green flowerheads in terminal clusters up to 12cm wide

    • Euphorbia stygiana

      E. stygiana is a broad, evergreen shrub with narrow, bright green leaves with a pale midrib; the lower leaves turn cherry red in autumn. Pale green, honey-scented, flowerheads develop in late spring and early summer, followed by green, knobbly, pea-sized fruit

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  • Read more about a euphorbia that looks great in June at RHS Garden Hyde Hall / RHS Gardening

    This Euphorbia achieves this through its foliage, which consists of narrow, dark green leaves, which have a very prominent white central midrib and striking white veining running through the leaf...This Euphorbia likes deep, humus-rich and moisture-retentive soil that doesn?t dry out during the summer months...This Euphorbia also works well in a mixed border where it can be repeated through a scheme as a linking element and it contrasts well with perennial salvias such as Salvia nemorosa ?Lubecca...

  • Read about RHS Garden Hyde Hall's May Plant of the Month / RHS Gardening

    Euphorbia palustris (marsh spurge) belongs in the second category, as it enjoys growing in soil that stays permanently moist...Euphorbia palustris is a robust, clump-forming perennial and, as its new shoots emerge from the plant's base in mid spring, they form into bright yellow flowerheads, 15cm (6in) across...The bright yellow bushy Euphorbia palustris in the background

  • See The M&G Garden 2017 at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 / RHS Gardening

    Acid green flowers of giant fennel and euphorbia soften the scene

  • See The Morgan Stanley Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 / RHS Gardening

    The soft forms of familiar garden plants such as euphorbia, fennel and lupins contrast with the formality of the clipped hornbeam hedge and the pieces yew topiary

  • Poinsettia/RHS Gardening

    Euphorbia pulcherrima ?Silver Star? - dusky pink bracts and variegated leaves...Poinsettia ( Euphorbia pulcherrima) is considered to be considerably less toxic than other Euphorbia species

  • Drought-resistant plants/RHS Gardening

    Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii AGM...em>Euphorbia polychroma

  • Fascinating fasciation ? from the gardeners' blogs from RHS Garden Rosemoor / RHS Gardening

    Euphorbia...Fasciation in Euphorbia characias subsp wulfenii normal growth to the left...Looking like an alien species, the Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii pictured here has fasciation on a few of its stems, with one in particular being quite pronounced

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