RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show

Experience some of the best botanical art and photography from around the world, 17–18 April 2020

Visitors at the 2017 Botanic Art show

RHS London Botanical Art and Photography Show
Preview 16 April 2020
17–18 April 2020
RHS Lindley Hall

Highlights of the 2019 show

The RHS London Botanical Art and Photography Show saw a diverse and beautiful range of images and artworks of plants, trees and nature on display in the RHS Lindley Hall.

Artists from all over the world, including the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Switzerland, presented nearly 200 works of art at the show, alongside the winners and finalists of the RHS Photographic Competition

Mariko IkedaBotanic art exhibition 2017Bridget Gillespie

The 2019 RHS Photographic Competition featured entries ranging from studies of tree species to close-ups of flowers across nine different categories. 

The Portfolio category of the competition saw hopefuls put together a set of six images with a theme or story and were in the running for an RHS medal. 

See our list of medal winners (229kB pdf)

2019 saw exhibitions from:


Elaine Allison Host foodplants of Australian butterflies
Karen Bailey Gentiana
Joyce Byungsook Ko Namul (edible grass/leaves) in Korea – Compositae 
Bernard Carter Beneath the leaf | Showing the intricate structural veining of very large leaves in late autumn
Caroline Frances-King Hedgerows & woodland – fragments
Naomi Gumma A Gift from the Gods: The life cycle of the Shimonita Welsh Onion
Marianne Hazlewood Arisaema – featuring inflorescence and fruit
Marika Ikeda Pandanus tectorius of Micronesian Atoll
Mark Isaac-Williams Illustrations of Asian species orchids
Caroline Jackson-Houlston Mycorrhizal fungi of the Thames Valley area: Cortinarius and boletes. 
Verene Kutter The history of Anemone coronaria and its hybrids from the early historic times up to the present
Maryna Kyselyova Parrot tulips
Louise Lane The life of a leaf | Aesculus hippocastanum
Mi Yeon Lee Hibiscus syriacus L.
Nan Joo Lim Native Korean vine plants used in Oriental medicine
Sabrina Luoni Anemochory, dispersal by wind | Some examples of different pappus and plumed seeds
Nikki Marks Gin botanicals
Masako Mori Edible leguminous plants
Yolande Muschamp Cultivated beets: sugar beet, beetroot, chard, magelwurzel
Nigel Pickering Treasures of the Richtersveld
Linda Pitkin British native aquatic and waterside plants
Sarah Poat River Dart habitats: Moor to sea
Janet Pope Solanum tuberosum
Surjeet Riyait Equatorial plants
Betsy Rogers-Knox Exploring the seasons at Beckley Bog – the botany and beauty of vascular plants and bog benefits
Shirley Slocock British seaweeds
Wendy Smith A long season of clematis
Kumiko Takano Fruit trees of Ibaraki prefecture
Jenny Webster A year of irises
Sue Wickison Plants of the Qur'an (Part II)


Marion Sidebottom Diversity of beech trees
Tatiana Bogracheva Togetherness
Tony Cook The beauty of plants revealed 
Marina DeWit The rose garden 
Kevin Dutton Hellebores
Melany Grosbost Tortulapolis
Sergey Kolyaskin Life behind glass
Steve Le Grys Nature in the abstract
Emilija Petrauskiene Silver garden stories
John Shepherd Botanical illustrations of the genus Malus domestica
Rachel Wallace Woodscape
Josh Westrich Octopus’ garden – the stunning life of macroalgae
Francesca Wilkinson Mary Delany's garden (winter)
Ellen Woods Fall leaves | New England flora  

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