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    • Betula pendula

      B. pendula is an elegant medium-sized deciduous tree with slender drooping twigs. Bark white, becoming black and rugged at base. Leaves ovate, yellow in autumn. Flowers in catkins

    • Prunus serrula

      P. serrula is a round-headed small deciduous tree, the trunk with shining coppery-brown young bark. Narrow leaves turn yellow in autumn. Flowers 2cm in width, white, in small clusters

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  • RHS Garden Rosemoor blog: Nurturing the birch / RHS Gardening

    Since planting 10,500 birch trees in our woodlands this winter, we here at Rosemoor have been busy bracken-bashing to help them get established...By cutting and mulching up the competing plants around the trees we will give the birch a good chance of thriving, and should see a high percentage of our new trees survive their early years

  • Trees: pruning / RHS Gardening

    Ornamental garden trees require minimal maintenance, but a little sensible pruning can ensure the tree remains healthy and safe and grows in an attractive shape...Trees such as Prunus sp, which are prone to silver leaf disease are best pruned from April to July when the disease spores are not on the wind, and the tree sap is rising rather than falling (which pushes out infection rather than drawing it in...Going against the tree?s natural habit produces ungainly trees that lack grace

  • Birch for winter interest / RHS Gardening

    Birches are adaptable trees and generally tolerant of exposed and windy sites, dry or wet conditions and even waterlogging...B. papyrifera : The paper birch, a vigorous conical tree with white papery bark peeling in layers, pale orange-brown when newly exposed...The Himalayan and Chinese birches are some of the most visually attractive of trees but not all are white-stemmed ? those birches from the eastern Himalaya or western China have bark in rich hues of mahogany or cinnamon

  • RHS Garden Harlow Carr blog: Of silver birch and scarecrows / RHS Gardening

    Birch is such a lovely tree, casting a dappled shade and displaying attractive catkins which enhance woodland planting

  • Trees / RHS Gardening

    Trees for small gardens or wet soils are particularly valuable...Bleeding from pruning cuts may be problematic on a number of tree species, including Acer , walnut and birch

  • Shrubs and trees: light pruning / RHS Gardening

    Some deciduous trees and shrubs, such as birch ( Betula ) bleed if pruned in late winter

  • A colourful new birch for small gardens / RHS Gardening

    Good foliage trees for smaller spaces are always in demand, and this new birch has all the best qualities

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