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    • Cosmos sulphureus 'Brightness Red'

      'Brightness Red' is a compact annual, to 30cm tall and wide, with finely-divided foliage and, from summer into autumn, red, semi-double, daisy-like flowers with prominent yellow centres

    • Cosmos sulphureus

      C. sulphureus is a half-hardy annual with fresh, fern-like foliage and a long flowering season. Selections are variable in height, most between 50cm and 1m, but including some dwarf forms. Flower colour is varied, in many tones of yellow, orange and red

    • Cosmos bipinnatus 'Antiquity'

      'Antiquity' is an upright, bushy annual to 60cm in height with finely-divided, bright green leaves from summer to autumn. During summer short, upright stems bear daisy-like, crimson to burgundy flowers fading to reddish-pink with age

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  • RHS new plants blog: Chocolate cosmos / RHS Gardening

    Order seed of Cosmos atrosanguineus from Plant World Seeds...Order seed of Cosmos atrosanguineus ?Black Magic? from Special Plants (commercial nurseries can order seed in larger quantities from Jelitto Seeds...Plants of Cosmos Eclipse ('Hamcoec') are available from Mr Fothergill?s and Thompson & Morgan...

  • RHS new plants blog: Blast off for a brand new cosmos / RHS Gardening

    2016 A new British-bred cosmos was the star of this year's display of more than 80 varieties on the Wisley trials field...One of the most colourful, and interesting, features at RHS Garden at Wisley this year was the display on the trials field of more than 80 different cosmos, marking 2016 as The Year of The Cosmos...Cosmos ?Apollo White? is available as seed from Dobies , while ?Apollo Mixed? is available as seed from Nicky?s Nursery and as plants from Jersey Plants Direct...

  • RHS Garden Wisley blog: August's plant of the month / RHS Gardening

    Cosmos 'Cosimo Pink-White' on the Trials Field at Wisley...Cosmos is a versatile garden plant used in beds, borders and containers to give summer colour...The ferny foliage of Cosmos bipinnatus makes them a winner too ( Cosmos sulphureus is slightly less frothy...

  • bib-50-years-yellow-pfp-flowers

    Annuals Antirrhinum majus (snapdragon, yellow-flowered cultivars) Calendula officinalis (marigold) Coreopsis tinctoria (tickseed) Cosmos sulphureus (yellow cosmos) Eschscholzia californica (California poppy ? orange and yellow cultivars) Glebionis segetum (corn marigold) + Helianthus annuus (sunflower ?single-flowered; avoid pollen-free cultivars) Limnanthes douglasii (poached egg plant) Oenothera biennis (evening primrose) Ridolfia segetum (false fennel) Sanvitalia procumbens (creeping zinnia...

  • The Garden May 2016 - Comment

    Cosmos is an annual that is...Cosmos

  • Find out what's hot with Graham Rice's new plants blog / RHS Gardening

    This is a cosmos of the first type, with its foliage cut into thread-like segments ? but the plants are prolifically covered in yellow flowers...This is the first Cosmos bipinnatus type with yellow flowers that is actually worth growing , in fact it?s very prolific and flowering starts in July...Cosmos ?Xanthos? was available in limited quantities last year from Plants of Distinction...

  • Plants for the Future

    Bringing a new plant to market: Cosmos ?Cupcake...An example of the latter is Cosmos bipinnatus ?Cupcake?, a seed-raised

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