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Cotoneaster webber caterpillars / RHS Gardening


There are two species of moths with caterpillars that can cause defoliation of Cotoneaster horizontalis and some other plants...Plants affected Mostly Cotoneaster horizontalis and hawthorn but occasionally blackthorn , plums and whitebeam...Cotoneaster webber caterpillars are the larval stages of two moths: the hawthorn webber ( Scythropia crataegella) and porphyry knothorn ( Acrobasis suavella...
Border shrub cotoneasters / RHS Gardening


cotoneasters...Tough and hardy, these cotoneasters are ideal for giving height in small gardens where a large tree cannot be accommodated...Shrubby cotoneasters do not do well in excessively wet soil or in deep shade
Wall shrub cotoneasters / RHS Gardening


While no cotoneaster is a true climber, several can be persuaded to cover walls and fences provided the stems are pinned into position as they grow...Cotoneaster horizontalis is most widely used for this purpose...The simplest way to train a cotoneaster is to hammer in rust-proof nails where needed to support stems, then use extension growth to develop the coverage upwards
Invasive non-native plants / RHS Gardening


Cotoneaster bullatus (cotoneaster, hollyberry) EW...Cotoneaster horizontalis (cotoneaster) EW...For instance, avoid Cotoneaster shrubs if you live near downlands or limestone outcrops, as birds will spread the seeds
Hedge your bets with ?super plant? to fight air pollution / RHS Gardening


The humble Cotoneaster franchetii is the best shrub for cleaning air polluted by car exhausts...Scientists report that the bushy, hairy-leafed Cotoneaster franchetii is the latest ?super plant? to help boost the environment and improve human health because of its special ability to fight pollution by trapping harmful airborne particles...We estimate the Cotoneaster franchetii traps 20% more emissions than other hedges we have tested so would be ideal along busy roads in pollution hot spots

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