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    • Narcissus rupicola (13)

      N. rupicola is a species daffodil 15cm high with erect, thin, cylindrical, keeled, blue-green leaves, 18cm long, and golden yellow flowers, 3cm across, with shallow, six-lobed cups, in mid-spring

    • Narcissus rupicola subsp. rupicola (13)

      N. rupicola subsp. rupicola is a perennial bulb with very narrow, cylindrical, glaucous-green leaves and fragrant, small-cupped bright yellow flowers 3cm wide on stems to 20cm tall in spring

    • Narcissus rupicola subsp. marvieri (13)

      N. rupicola subsp. marvieri is a bulbous perennial to 15cm in height, with narrow, dark glaucous green leaves and solitary, rich yellow flowers to 3cm wide, with small, lobed cup and spreading perianth segments

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  • Narcissus bulb fly/RHS Gardening

    Heavy attacks of narcissus bulb fly larvae can kill daffodil bulbs and some other plants in the Amaryllidaceae...Common name Large narcissus bulb fly and small bulb flies...Adult large narcissus bulb flies are about 15 mm long and resemble small bumblebees, but like all flies they only have one pair of wings

  • Narcissus leaf scorch/RHS Gardening

    Plants affected Seen most commonly on Narcissus , but can also affect a number of other plants in the same family ( Amaryllidaceae...In addition to narcissus, the leaf scorch fungus has been recorded on a number of other plants in the family Amaryllidaceae , including Amaryllis, Crinum, Galanthus , Hippeastrum , Nerine , Sprekelia and Sternbergia...Whilst many narcissus species and cultivars can be affected when weather conditions are favourable for the disease, it is often worst on Poeticus...

  • Narcissus basal rot/RHS Gardening

    Basal rot of Narcissus (daffodils) is a fungal infection which decays the base of the bulb, often during winter storage...Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. narcissi only infects Narcissus...It is found in the soil, even where Narcissus have not been grown previously, and can be found on the surface of bulbs even when these are apparently healthy

  • Daffodils/RHS Gardening

    Narcissus...Narcissus ?Petrel...Daffodils can be troubled by slugs , snails , virus diseases and Narcissus bulb rot...

  • RHS article on the daffodil trails at Threave / RHS Gardening

    Narcissus ?King Alfred? has a striking yellow flower...Narcissus ?Van Waveren?s Giant? has large flowers, with primrose-yellow perianth segments...Narcissus ?Will Scarlett? has a bowl-shaped, ribbed corona of bright orange with creamy-white perianth segments

  • RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2015 highlights of the Floral Marquee / RHS Gardening

    Narcissus ?Hi Hi Ta Hi

  • Daffodil viruses/RHS Gardening

    Infections by Narcissus yellow stripe virus and other viruses usually do not kill plants, but cause a loss of vigour and a wide variety of discolourations and distortions...Narcissus yellow stripe virus infects daffodils and jonquils...Narcissus species are also affected by several viruses which are vectored by plant parasitic nematodes (eelworms) which live in the soil

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