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Trees: buying and planting specimens / RHS Gardening


Watering aids can assist watering of newly planted trees such as irrigation tubes (biodegradable tree irrigation pipe made from potato starch is available) or watering bags such as Treegator...Tree guards: In some areas it is necessary to protect young trees from damage caused by rabbits or other animals
Trees / RHS Gardening


Trees can bring so much to a garden, including shade, fruit, autumn colour, fragrance, flowers, height...Trees for small gardens or wet soils are particularly valuable...Trees are large, slow-growing and therefore hard-to-replace features in gardens
Trees for climate change / RHS Gardening


Trees well chosen to match current conditions are likely to continue to survive under climate change...Beech trees, important in forestry and grown in gardens (although a little large for most gardens), are a tree ill adapted to these dry conditions and therefore not a wise choice in southern and eastern Britain
The Power of Trees Show RHS Chatsworth / RHS Gardening


The Power of Trees was packed full of gorgeous trees to wander through, admire and hug...Visitors listened to the secret whisperings made by trees in our unique feature exclusive to the Power of Trees, tree listening
Trees: formative pruning / RHS Gardening


Where trees grow with a clear central-leading branch that grows upwards ahead of the other branches, it is important not to cut this central leader, as this could spoil the final shape of the tree...It is advisable to check in a book first as to whether this technique is suitable for the tree in question, as some trees can be spoiled in shape by premature removal of the leader
Trees near buildings / RHS Gardening


Trees can cause concern for both tree owners and house owners...The book Tree Root Damage to Buildings by Biddle P.G (see Further reading) contains a useful table of tree water uptake, listing trees with the lowest demand (posing the least risk) to the highest demand (posing the most risk...No, not without evidence of a) damage to your house and b) that it is their tree or trees that are to blame
Christmas trees / RHS Gardening


Remember to ask your supplier where the trees come from, and to choose a locally sourced and grown tree, or one that has at least been grown in the UK rather than abroad...Do not keep living trees in the house any longer than 12 days, but be guided by the tree

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