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    • Verbena rigida

      V. rigida is a tuberous perennial to 60cm, grown as an annual, with oblong leaves and clusters of fragrant, bright purple flowers on branched stems in late summer

    • Verbena hastata 'White Spires'

      'White Spires' is an upright, clump-forming perennial to around 1.2m tall with lance-shaped leaves. Branching, candelabra-like stems bear long spires of small, white flowers from early summer into autumn

    • Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop' (PBR)

      'Lollipop' is a dwarf cultivar with a height and spread of 60cm. It is a short-lived perennial with rough stems and leaves, and dense clusters of small, purple flowers in summer and autumn

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  • Plants for kids - verbena bonariensis / RHS Gardening

    Verbena is great at attracting butterflies to your garden in the summer...Common Name Verbena Description Verbena has beautiful, bright purple flowers and can grow to be 150cm tall

  • Find out what's hot with Graham Rice's new plants blog / RHS Gardening

    Verbena ?Talman?s Fragrant Treasure?: New scented verbena from Mr Fothergill...Verbena 'Talman's Fragrant Treasure' - new scented Verbena from Mr Fothergill (click to enlarge...Verbena 'Talman's Fragrant Treasure' - new scented Verbena from Mr Fothergill

  • RHS Garden Hyde Hall blog: August's plant of the month / RHS Gardening

    Plant of the month - a verbena by another name...Some of the species and varieties of Verbena have recently been re-classified into a genus called Glandularia and this month?s plant of the month is one of these...We also use Glandularia in some of our summer container plantings and this year it looks fabulous alongside Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora ?Bampton? with its lilac flowers and dark purple foliage, as well as Mexican feather grass ( Stipa tenuissima ) and a white-flowered zinnia (see...

  • Tender perennials: cuttings/RHS Gardening

    Tender perennials such as verbena, bidens, gazanias and argyranthemums are best propagated each year from cuttings...Semi-ripe cuttings of penstemons , salvias, argyranthemum, verbena and heliotrope can be taken from summer to early autumn when the base of the cutting is hardening and the non-flowering tip is still soft...Glasshouse whitefly can affect most plants under cover especially fuchsia, pelargonium , verbena and chrysanthemum

  • Queen's Jubilee and London 2012 celebration planting/RHS Gardening

    Verbena...A 2012 Celebration Plant Collection package has been put together by Suttons which includes Calibrachoa Superbells Red Devil (?Uscali28?), Lobelia ?Panthera Cobalt? and Verbena Superbena White (?Usbena361?), which will perform all summer long in borders, baskets and containers...A Verbena Union Jack Collection is being offered by The Vernon Geranium Nursery

  • Family activities: fun crafts for children and easy plants to grow / RHS Gardening

    Verbena bonariensis...Verbena bonariensis...Verbena is great at attracting butterflies to your garden in the summer

  • Drought-resistant plants/RHS Gardening

    Verbena including V. rigida AGM and V. bonariensis AGM: Height and spread variable according to cultivar...Verbena...Verbena

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