Peat-free policy for RHS suppliers and exhibitors

An RHS Show exhibitor tending plants on display
New restrictions will come into force in 2026 regarding the presence of peat at RHS Shows and the use of peat by RHS plant suppliers. Below is our peat-use policy for RHS suppliers and Shows exhibitors from January 2026.

The RHS peat-free team are here to help – please do get in touch if you have any questions or have any areas you are finding especially challenging.

Exhibiting or selling plants from 2026

To exhibit at RHS Flower Shows from 2026 onwards, all plants must be 100% peat-free, and you will be asked to sign a declaration confirming this.

This does not mean your nursery has to be 100% peat-free; just the plants that are exhibited or sold through the RHS.

100% peat-free includes all propagation material, including young or plug plants.

Legacy peat

Legacy peat covers any peat that is already in your production system up until 31/12/25. This means any potting action from 01/01/26 onwards must use peat-free growing media in order for the plants to be exhibited or sold through the RHS.

This also covers plug plants, so any plug plants bought in 2025 that contain peat, but are potted into peat-free in 2026, will be considered legacy peat, and these plants can be exhibited or sold through the RHS.

However, any plugs or other bought-in material that are purchased from 01/01/26 onwards for sale through or exhibiting with the RHS must also be peat-free.

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