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Vanda 'Spcdw1106'PBR


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Botanical details
Native to the UK
Potentially harmful


Genus description

A medium to large-sized, evergreen, tropical epiphytic orchid, valued for its large, bright-coloured, long-lasting flowers, often used by florists. As a typical example of a monopodial orchid, the new growth emerges from a central tip on a long, central rhizome, while older, lower leaves gradually drop off. Strap-shaped, green or dark-green leaves, up to 60 cm long angle out from the main stem. A characteristic feature of the plant is an impressive root system that hangs downwards at the base of the plant. New roots emerge from the central stem, following the ascending growing trend. Inflorescences emerge from axils of leaves and main stem, and carry up to 8 large, waxy, round-shaped flowers.

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