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A distinctive new aubrieta for rock gardens and containers

The first bicoloured pastel aubrieta brings new style to an old-fashioned plant

Sometimes the introduction of just one new variety can transform our attitude to a familiar plant. 

Enthusiasm for aubrietas has faded in recent decades – and the arrival of varieties with a slightly different shade in the same old colours has done nothing to revive its fortunes.

Aubrieta 'Florado Blue Blush Bicolour'But now a beautiful new pastel bicoloured variety – Aubrieta ‘Baby Blue Blush Bicolour’ – has arrived in a colour that really is fetching.

Each flower is white as it starts to open, with a tiny greenish yellow eye.

Then the tips of the petals develop a pale lilac-sky-blue tone, steadily becoming darker until at maturity the flower is a genuinely bicoloured.

With all stages on the plant at the same time the effect is delightful.
A carpet of flowers
Gardening Express, who led the way in introducing this pretty new form, are understandably enthusiastic.

Aubrieta ‘Baby Blue Blush Bicolour’ is a fantastic new form of carpeting hardy plant that forms small mounds or blankets. It becomes smothered with comparatively large flowers of the most unusual colour through April and May. It will reach just 5-8cm tall, but spread up to 60cm wide.”

You can order Aubrieta ‘Baby Blue Blush Bicolour’ from Gardening Express and also from Cowell’s Garden Centre and from Plants For Small Gardens.
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