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  • <i>Betula pendula</i>

    Betula pendula

    B. pendula is an elegant medium-sized deciduous tree with slender drooping twigs. Bark white, becoming black and rugged at base. Leaves ovate, yellow in autumn. Flowers in catkins

  • Tree rusts / RHS Gardening

    Tree rusts cause eye-catching infections on the leaves of some trees, particularly Populus spp. (poplar), Salix spp. (willow), Betula spp. (birch) and plum, and cankers on the stems and branches of Pinus spp

  • Bursera simaruba

  • <i>Prunus serrula</i>

    Prunus serrula

    P. serrula is a round-headed small deciduous tree, the trunk with shining coppery-brown young bark. Narrow leaves turn yellow in autumn. Flowers 2cm in width, white, in small clusters

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor blog stream garden / RHS Gardening

    I?ve just completed the first step, which was to plant groups of mahogany-stemmed birch trees with pink/red polished stems (as opposed to the typical white...I picked up several bare-root birch trees ( Betula utilis 'Bhutan Sienna', B. albosinensis 'Pink Champagne' and Betula albosinensis 'China Rose' AGM...

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor blog: The woodland's changing face / RHS Gardening

    planting around 12,000 silver birch trees...These will establish quickly, forming a light and airy canopy acting as a nurse crop - mature oak trees in the area will be able to self-seed and these seedlings will develop under the protection of the silver birch

  • Beautiful open gardens to visit in the UK | Public gardens /RHS Gardening

    Contrasting with this is the contemporary Garden of Reflection where prairie planting mixes grasses and perennials with a grove of silver birch trees...In the arboretum are many fine trees including the highly scented, weeping, silver lime ( Tilia ?Petiolaris?), a foxglove tree ( Paulownia tomentosa ), the hop hornbeam ( Ostrya carpinifolia ) and Persian ironwood ( Parrotia persica...

  • Read Sheila Dearing's blog from RHS Garden Rosemoor / RHS Gardening

    12,000 birch trees arrived in these bundles in just two big crates...After obtaining a grant from the Forestry Commission, this vision has come a little closer to being realised with the delivery of 12,000 silver birch trees ( Betula pendula ), each 40?60cm (16?24in) high

  • Buff tip moth / RHS Gardening

    It is found on oak, hornbeam, lime, cherry, birch and many other deciduous trees and shrubs

  • Oak slugworm / RHS Gardening

    Occasionally birch ( Betula ) and willow ( Salix ) trees are attacked

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