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Cotoneaster simonsii


<i>Cotoneaster simonsii</i> C. simonsii is a large, upright, semi-evergreen shrub with small, glossy oval or elliptic leaves and white flowers, followed by rather large, bright scarlet berries in autumn
Cotoneaster sikangensis


<i>Cotoneaster sikangensis</i> C. sikangensis is a deciduous shrub to 3m, with a rather upright habit, thickish oval pointed leaves to 5cm long. The small flowers are white, tinged pink, borne 3-7 together on short side branches. Fruit pear-shaped, to 1.5cm long, shiny, orange-red, usually abundantly produced in autumn
Cotoneaster harrovianus


<i>Cotoneaster harrovianus</i> C. harrovianus is an evergreen shrub with arching stems to 3m high and wide. It is distinguished for its abundant, dense clusters of flowers arranged in heads along the branches as well as at the ends. Flower stalks and calyces white-woolly, petals are white with contrasting reddish-purple anthers. Fruit is red, colouring slowly during autumn, and best in December

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