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Created from personal experience of mental health, this is a garden which has hidden depths to explore

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From the show

  • Oak, Corylus and birch in two different types represent two different states of mind, as do the plants which thrive in light conditions and the shade lovers
  • You have to pass a thorny Poncirus on your journey out of garden to signify that you have to pass tribulations to get to the end of your journey
  • The main water feature in the inner garden has a hidden surprise, you can walk on water! Have you got the courage to take that first step?
  • Carex buchananii is dotted throughout the garden - can you spot where is turns up?
  • Features of the garden have been designed to be replicated in your own home, plants are all widely available and many features are simple

At the garden

This garden is a physical manifestation of a personal experience of suffering from, and living with, depression. Its purpose is to help those who suffer in similar ways to be assured that they are not alone.

The dominant features are four metal walls, which act as a foil for the planting and enclose the inner, central area of the garden. They represent a sense of security but also a feeling of imprisonment.

From the exterior, the viewer has a glimpse of what it is to be trapped in the centre of the garden. The view outward shows the life that could be enjoyed providing the right path of help and hard work are taken.

The planting is deliberately different inside and out, with plants that thrive in sunny conditions contrasting with those that prefer shade.

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