On Tropic

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In more detail

  • Vibrant lime-yellow catalpas and jungly textrapanax set the exuberant tone for this lushly-planted garden, that mixes hardy and tender plants to great effect
  • Zingy orange dahlias, lilies and Hemerocallis shine out against blue and white agapanthus, while finely-textured bamboos Fargesia 'Black Pearl' contrast with larger-leaved plants

About the garden

‘On Tropic’ celebrates the sub-tropical gardens found in Cornwall, reimagining this type of planting closer to Tatton Park, in a northerly, domestic suburban context.

In this environmentally consious British garden, traditional plants are replaced with a tropical palette that thrives in our warming climate. With climate change a pressing concern, this garden speculates upon our future low-impact garden design and planting.

An intimate, relaxed atmosphere is intended. Simple, natural and reclaimed materials are used together with immersive, hardy exotic planting, alongside some more tender species that may become commonplace, considering our rapidly warming climate. These combined elements create a stimulating, yet tranquil experience that evokes the spirit of the sub-tropical gardens of the South West.

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