Talk: A Natural Curiosity

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RHS Lindley Library


80 Vincent Square


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    Demonstration / Talk / Lecture

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    Botanical art

Curiosity, a strong desire to know and to learn, is often the driving force for drawing. Putting pencil to paper can help us to find new meaning in the world around us; in the case of botanical artists, the wonderful world of plants. 

In this evening talk, artist Helen Allen will take us on a journey through her creative process. Curiosity is the beginning, but then investigation reveals pattern and precision forms. Number and pattern are ever-present in nature and repeated arrangements create order out of potential chaos – the plant structures build to complex design arrangements and understanding and revealing this design provides great inspiration to paint. Line, form, pattern and colour are combined, and then adding the delicate final touches, the finished artworks emerge. Exploring each of these areas in detail, Helen will discuss both botanical convention and her own personal approach to creating her elegant and dynamic artworks.

Image: (partial view) Fritillaria Meleagris Alba © Helen Allen

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Entry includes the opportunity for a late evening viewing of the public library and the exhibition “Pigments and Petals” exploring the life and work of 19th century flower painter Caroline Maria Applebee. 

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