Gender Pay Gap

This Gender Pay Gap Report is based on data as at 5 April 2018. At this point the RHS employed 1,027 people, of which 63.4% were female and 36.6% were male

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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Our pay and bonus Gender Pay Gaps are as follows

Gender pay gaps table

The proportion of females/males in each quartile pay band is as follows

Gender quartile pay band table

0.78% of male employees received a bonus payment during the 12 months

2.79% of female employees received a bonus payment during the 12 months


  • The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (both the mean and median) earnings of men and women. This is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings over women’s earnings

For the purposes of gender pay reporting, the following are included:

  • Employees (those with a contract of employment and set hours)
  • Workers who work variable hours such as casual workers
  • Some individual self-employed workers

The bonus figures include all bonuses paid during the 12 months prior to the 5 April 2018.

  • Read more information on the gender pay gap from the Office of National Statistics
  • As a UK employer with 250 or more employees, the RHS is legally required to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The regulations detail how we must undertake this reporting and also how we must publish the results of our report on our own website and a government website, within one calendar year of 5 April 2018, and then subsequently each year
  • The mean gender pay gap at the RHS is 7.73% in favour of men, based on hourly rates. This is below the national mean average of 17.4%
  • The RHS employs more women than men at all levels of the organisation, with an overall split of 63.4% women, 36.6% men. This includes senior levels, where 58% are women. However, in roles such as retail, food and beverage, which are traditionally lower paid, 65% are women, leading to an overall gender pay gap

In order to reduce the Gender Pay Gap:

  • We are ensuring that men and women have equal opportunity to work at every level of our organisation
  • We continually review our people policies and practices to ensure gender equality throughout all grades
  • We will continue to review recruitment processes to make all roles relevant and attract regardless of gender

‘We employ more women than men at all levels of our charity, over half our executive team are women, as is our current Director General. At senior levels, 58% of workers are women. We are looking at ways we can close the pay gap, including reviewing our recruitment policies to ensure that all our roles are equally attractive to men and women’
Carole Goldsmith, Director of People

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