Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

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Our pay and bonus Gender Pay Gaps are as follows

The proportion of females/males in each quartile pay band is as follows

95% of males received a bonus and 99% of females


  • The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (both the mean and median) earnings of men and women. This is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings over women’s earnings
  • For the purposes of gender pay reporting, the following are included:

            ♦ employees (those with a contract of employment and set hours)
            ♦ workers who work variable hours such as casual workers
            ♦ some individual self-employed workers

  • The bonus figures include all bonuses paid during the 12 months prior to the 5 April 2017. This includes a £200 net ‘thank you’ payment made to employees in March 2017
  • The RHS’ Gender Pay Gap is significantly lower than the UK average for all employees which is 18.1%

            ♦ (Read more on what the gender pay gap is and what it affects)

  • Our gender pay gap between males and females for our median pay levels and median and mean bonus levels are near zero
  • There are no differences in pay rates for different genders occupying equivalent roles
  • We employ people in a very diverse range of positions and therefore our spread of pay rates may not be typical for an organisation and does not form a standard distribution. The median is therefore a good representation of our central pay rates
  • Two areas in which we employ workers, retail and catering, are areas where market rates of pay are traditionally lower than other areas. These two areas also traditionally employ more female workers than males
  • We have recently reviewed and increased a number of our lower pay levels. This was predominantly within our catering and retail teams. As these areas have a high proportion of females this should positively impact on reducing our mean gender pay gap

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