Weave a sculpture from a twig

Collect a forked twig or small branch from the ground when you are out on an autumn walk and use it to make some a super sculpture.

Weave a sculpture from a twig

What you'll need

  • A forked twig or small branch

  • String

  • Scissors 

  • Wool or material

  • Natural found things such as pine cones or leaves

What to do

  1. Take your forked twig. Cut and tie lengths of string from one stem to another to fill in the space, leaving a 5cm space between each piece of string. This is your framework for weaving.

  2. Take some wool or cut up lengths of material and, starting at one end, pass the material over and under the string to begin to weave your design.

  3. Remember when you start your next piece of material for the next line to weave the opposite from the first line, under and over.

  4. Tuck the ends in or cut them short and hang your lovely sculpture for everyone to see.

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