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RHS Garden Rosemoor, EX38 8PH

RHS Garden Rosemoor, EX38 8PH


Great Torrington Rosemoor
EX38 8PH


RHS Garden Rosemoor - Lecture Hall


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Bonsai is both an art and a craft. It can be learned by anyone and turned into a satisfying hobby.

Bonsai are trees grown in containers in such a way so that they look at their most beautiful - even prettier than those growing in the wild. Growing bonsai, therefore, is a very artistic hobby. It's also a good illustration of the gentle respect Japanese have for living things and an expression of their sense of what is beautiful.
In ancient times bonsai were usually enjoyed by aristocrats, priests, and other high-ranking people, but from around 17th century, commoners began delighting in them too. After Japan ended three centuries of isolation in 1868 and opened itself up to Western countries, bonsai came to be appreciated as objects of art, and people began growing bonsai not just as a hobby but also as a creative pursuit. Today, growing bonsai continues to be a hobby enjoyed by members of the general public.

The growing of bonsai, which translates literally as 'plant in a tray', is a truly satisfying hobby and combines both horticulture and art, creating trees that are often referred to as 'living sculptures'. Above all, it is important that the trees are kept healthy and in excellent condition, as with any pot plant. Pruning and shaping do, however, require a certain amount of artistic imagination to visualise the future development of the trunk and branches.

Bonsai should embody all that is wonderful about trees that grow naturally in such a variety of shapes and sizes. Large specimen trees, ancient trees with hollow trunks, trees which have been shaped by severe weather conditions or even small forests can all be recreated in the confines of a pot. By growing trees in this way, it is possible to have a mini-arboretum of delightful small trees in your own garden or even on a balcony, whatever the size.

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