Painting Flowers in Oils


RHS Garden Rosemoor, EX38 8PH

RHS Garden Rosemoor, EX38 8PH


Great Torrington Rosemoor
EX38 8PH


RHS Garden Rosemoor


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    Sunday 2 June 2024, 10.30am–4.30pm 

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    Painting with oils

This one day workshop will focus on painting flowers in oils in an expressive style. Throughout the day we will make several studies, painting directly from life in Rosemoor’s beautiful gardens. We will focus on working quickly and loosely to create lively paintings, exploring different methods and techniques, looking at things such as drawing, colour, tone, simplification and building an attractive ‘paint surface’.

You will be shown demonstrations of different techniques and have 1:1 support from the tutor during the day as you complete your own painting.

Please bring with you:

  • Your booking reference number
  • Own kit recommended (as described below) but some equipment may be loaned by the tutor if you are new to oil painting. Please get in touch if you do not have your own equipment.

Lunch and refreshments included.

Tutor: Tom Stevenson

Equipment list:
  • Paints – as a minimum you’ll need titanium white, ultramarine below, rose madder or quinacridone, cadmium red, cadmiun lemon, burnt sienna, viridian green, yellow ochre. Please bring kit you are familiar and comfortable using. The colours listed below are those the tutor will be using - you might like to have these or equivalents in your palette to allow you to mix the full range of colours you might encounter in the gardens.
  • Odourless thinners e.g. ‘zest it’  Please note that turpentine should not be used.
  • Brushes – a mix of sizes. Soft watercolour brushes are useful for this sort of painting as they let you work fast.
  • An easel - the easel will need to be portable and allow you to work outside.
  • A well-seasoned palette that gives you enough space to work without being cramped. If you don’t have a large palette that is ‘broken in’ i.e. has a good coating of dried oil and paint, a sheet of perspex or similar, 30 x 40 cm would be suitable and a good size.
  • Pencils and sketchbook/ paper.
Equipment and colours used by the tutor:
  • Large wooden French box easel 
  • Soft brushes rather than hog, a mixture of quite small watercolour brushes and synthetic sable, eg. Silver-handled Pro Arte ‘Acrylix’ and W&N Cotman. Rounds, riggers and filberts.
  • Standard palette is:
    1. Titanium White 
    2. Cadmium Yellow
    3. Cadmium Lemon
    4. Cadmium Red
    5. Rowney Rose 
    6. Opaque Oxide of Chromium 
    7. Raw Umber
    8. Burnt Sienna
    9. Yellow Ochre
    10. Cobalt Blue
    11. Ultramarine Blue
    12. Pthalo blue
    13. Viridian Green
    14. Cobalt violet 

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