collecting a sampleThe RHS Herbarium welcomes material of plants in cultivation that are new or unusual. Material can either be pressed before sending or material can be sent in fresh and it can be processed here. If sending material to the herbarium, a few simple rules will help to keep it in the best condition for pressing.

  • The aim is to keep the moisture in (and out) while supporting the sample without it being damaged.
  • Select a generous shoot, typical of the plant. The more material supplied the better and more effective the specimen will be.
  • Try to avoid collecting a sample in wet weather. If unavoidable dab off the excess moisture before packing the sample.
  • Attach a label to each sample with the name and any other relevant details.
  • Place in a dry, plastic bag.
  • NEVER use quilted paper such as kitchen roll as this impresses the pattern from the tissue onto the plant.
  • Place each plant sample in a separate bag.
  • Put in a padded envelope or box.
  • Specimens may be placed in a box, especially those that are bulky or multiple samples, but pad and pack the box well so as not to damage the sample.
  • Send first class.
  • Avoid sending over weekends and Bank Holidays.

Address packages clearly to:
RHS Herbarium
RHS Garden Wisley
GU23 6QB

Tel: 01483 224234


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