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Celebrate the power of trees at Chatsworth

Discover the wonderful ways trees enhance our lives in our enchanting woodland feature, the Power of Trees

The Power of Trees
Where would we be without trees? From providing wildlife with a home to helping to prevent floods, mitigating the effects of climate change and pollution, trees play an essential role in keeping us and our planet healthy.

With this in mind, we thought it was high time trees were celebrated. At Chatsworth 2019, visitors found our Show Feature, the Power of Trees, showcasing the wide range of benefits they provide.

Here, guests relaxed in our woodland-inspired Talks Theatre, found the perfect tree for their garden, and roamed the canopy with our virtual reality experience. 

Trees, trees and more trees

Information boards in the Power of TreesThe Power of Trees was packed full of gorgeous trees to wander through, admire and hug.

Divided into different areas, visitors discovered parkland, forest and evergreen trees, along with the best native trees for wildlife and those perfect for small gardens.  

Explore the canopy in Virtual Reality

A visitor enjoys a virtual reality experienceFor those who ever wondered what life looks like from a treetop canopy, there was the opportunity for visitors to have a look with virtual reality technology.

Guests slipped on a headset to see the world from a bird’s eye view and took a look around to see who – or what – was sharing the canopy with them.

Woodland-inspired talks

Visitors took time to sit among the trees and relax in our all-new Woodland Theatre in 2019.

Here, guests listened to an array experts deliver a host of fascinating talks, ranging from storytelling and folklore, to foraging, wellbeing and why pollinators need trees. 

Listen to trees 

A girl hugs a treeVisitors listened to the secret whisperings made by trees in our unique feature exclusive to the Power of Trees, tree listening.

Guests heard the rumble of the tree moving and the popping of water as it mixed with air on its way up the tree through Xylem tubes that lie just behind the bark. It was possible to hear the very life of the tree surging up from the roots towards the leaves!

Taste local cider

Visitors worked up a thirst exploring the Power of Trees, and welcomed refreshment at our the cider bar.

Ciders from local breweries were tasted and guests discovered how the humble apple becomes transformed into one of the nation’s favourite beverages.  

Dive into dens 

Making a denMaking a den is part and parcel of growing up, which is why the Mount Cook den building experience was the perfect opportunity for families to pick up some expert tips for making the perfect hideaway.

Visitors discovered which woodland materials were perfect for building and found the best techniques for constructing a sturdy and durable shelter.


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